Preschool Curriculum

Empowering a child’s first and lifetime educator.

With nearly 90% unemployment, systemic poverty and lack of opportunity, it is essential to create new, culturally relevant and repeatable models for learning in local Roma communities. 

A key initiative of Roma Learning to Fly is our Discover Parent Seminars. In many central European countries, Roma children make up a disproportionate percentage of those in special schools or classes. To be labelled in this way and placed in a special program ensures the child will receive a substandard education, the equivalent of a grade 4 education spread over the mandated 9 years of schooling. This lack of preparedness means that these children will have little to no chance for meaningful, sustainable employment.

Our model is based on training local Roma coaches who work alongside parents to ensure children have the skill set necessary for successful entry into “normal” school.

Our Discover Curriculum focuses on three areas that are the 
building blocks for future success: