It is universally known that prejudicial beliefs and acts of discrimination are more prevalent when anonymity is maintained. By individualizing Roma persons, our hope is to help begin a journey of understanding. One way we seek to do this is through the Just Like Us Photography Project.

About the project

Helping Roma youth become involved in an immersive learning photography project is a critical step in connecting majority populations with the concerns of the Roma, as well as an opportunity to allow these youth a deep and meaningful educational experience.

How it works

  • Through the use of photography, Roma Learning to Fly trains and encourages Roma youth to document their world from their point of view.
  • As part of this project, photography training is given to each young person involved in the current project group. After the training, each young person is provided with a camera and sent out to document their world.
  • After a period of time to take and collect the photographs, a debrief takes place so that the child’s story can be transcribed.
  • Finally, pictures are selected from each young person’s collection to be featured in special venues and galleries in order to raise awareness of and engagement in Roma concerns.
  • The ultimate goal of this project is to reduce prejudice and the cultural barrier between Roma and the majority populations of their nations.
Photography project
After the race, Marcus (Age 12)
"Do not judge us by the cover (our outlook) but by the inside”

Nella (1st Year Participant)


Help us bring hope and transformation to Roma children and families.