5 reasons children need playgrounds

5 Reasons why children need playgrounds


One of our project goals at Roma Learning to Fly is to build playgrounds in Roma villages so that children have a way to play safely and freely. We see playgrounds as more than just fun spaces to keep children occupied. Here are 5 ways a playground can benefit children.

1.  Fine and gross motor skills

Swings, climbing bars/walls and see saws are not just fun activities. They involve motions that include grasping, balancing, swinging, jumping and pushing which help a child develop fine and gross motor skills.

2.  Self-confidence

When a child first sees a physical obstacle like climbing walls, they may be intimidated. As they see other children doing it, they start experimenting with their approach. This experience is important to learning how to deal with difficulties and fears.

3. Cognitive development

Physical activity helps stimulate brain activity and cognitive skills used on a playground including memory, visualization and problem-solving. 

4. Health benefits

Exposure to sunlight stimulates Vitamin D production which is important for development and immune function. Playgrounds also allow children a way to build cardiovascular health and endurance.

5.   Social and communication skills

Having time for free play with other kids is important to a child’s development. During this time, children learn to communicate with other kids, practicing conversation and vocabulary. They have the opportunity to learn about sharing, taking turns, and following rules.

At Roma Learning to Fly, we aim to provide programs and initiatives that benefit children holistically. Other programs, such as our Discover Parent Seminars, build literacy while encouraging development in other areas such as motor skills, cognitive development and self-confidence. Through our Just Like Us Photography Project, students learn the basics of photography while building self-confidence, social and communication skills. Learn more about how we are helping students at every stage of their education journey.





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